So you’d like to undertake your own project? We can make your vision into a reality.


Building a new home or extending and converting an existing property can be an exciting yet daunting journey, whether you are taking the leap for the first time or are an experienced renovator. Whatever your needs, we offer a comprehensive range of architectural design and construction services which can be used ad hoc or in their entirety. To simplify things, we have collated the following steps from start to finish.

“Creating a beautiful and functional home in our fast-moving lives requires clever design and some outside of the box thinking. Sometimes we need a helping hand to see our visions through to reality”

Scott Walker

Blackhawk Design and Build

The process

“Mouse Clicks to House Bricks”

Initial Site Visit and FREE Consultation

The first step is to contact us to arrange a free consultation visit. This allows you to meet us and for us to understand your ideas and aspirations.

This allows us to see the site and to understand your ideas and aspirations, and potentially offer our advice in getting the most out of your ideas. 

Site Survey

The first part of the process is to undertake a full survey of the property and surrounding area. This survey will then be drawn up and the existing drawings will form the starting point for our designs.

Design development

Based on your ideas we will sketch out some concept designs and discuss with you what is involved in undertaking the works.

We will begin with the layout of the space which is key to fulfilling your aspirations for the project. This is where we work with you to discover your likes and dislikes.

Planning application submission

Once the design and concept has been agreed we will proceed to producing the information required in order to submit the relevant applications to your local council.

Once an application is submitted, its progress will be tracked and we will liaise with the council to organize site visits and consultations if required.

Technical drawing and building regulation application

Following a positive planning application outcome, we will develop the planning drawings into a full set of working drawings and specification which forms the basis of a building regulations application.

It is during this stage we can develop a budget estimate for the works, adjust our level of specification and extent of the works to suit your intended budget.

Project Management and Construction

This is an aspect that sets us apart from other firms, but one we believe is a true asset for our clients. This approach incorporates having our designers involved and knowledgeable with the status of the project, throughout its design and construction. Providing our clients accessibility to firm leadership with project knowledge.  

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